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Margreet de Heer
(1972, The Netherlands)
My name is Margreet de Heer, which is odd, because 'De Heer' means 'The Lord' in Dutch, and both my parents were reverends in the Dutch Reformed Church. Trying to escape my fate, I went to the Film Academy in Amsterdam, but after two years this turned out to be a bad choice. I may have some flair for putting images in a sequential narrative, but I obviously am not cut out for dealing with the hordes of technicians, producers, art directors and actors that go with the territory. I'd rather have my hand in every aspect of visual storytelling, and in a way, making comics is the perfect way to keep that kind of control.

But since there was no comics school in Holland in 1992, I gave in to my genes and started studying theology, which took me all the way to Schotland, where I lived and worked as an exchange student for two years.

After returning to Amsterdam and finishing my degree in theology in 1999, I decided I'd much rather pursue a career in comics. I already made my debut with self-published comics, and was lucky enough to get a job in world-famous comics store Lambiek, where I was webmistress for the site I worked closely together with proprietor and comix expert Kees Kousemaker, and we wrote a book on Dutch comics together in 2005.

In 2002 I became stepmother to three children, and this gave me inspiration for the small-press series Kinderleed Komix, of which one issue, The Riddle of Nine, is translated into English and can be read on this site. It garnered praise from none other than Neil Gaiman, one of my role models in comics, and was basically fanfiction to his Sandman-epic.

With the experience I got publishing my own comics, I founded Senoeni Comics Productions in 2003, a publishing house for young talent, focusing on the work of comic artists under the age of 18. Later on, I focused these activities in the site, which I hosted until 2011. I'm still fascinated by comics made by children and encourage them when and where I can.

I have made comics for several Dutch magazines, most notably Mijntje for Zij aan Zij and Isa for Yes. I have also worked for newspaper NRC.Next and made monthly comic reports for newspaper Trouw. Also I have worked as a cartoonist at conventions and board-meetings.

In 2008 I met my husband, Yiri T. Kohl, who is also a comic artist. We got married in 2009 and live together in an Amsterdam apartment with two cats and a lot of projects.

In 2010 I made my official debut at publishing house Meinema, with the comic Filosofie In Beeld. It deals with the history of Western philosophy in a colorful (colors by Yiri!) and playful style, and met with a decent amount of success in the Netherlands.

A year later a second book appeared, Religie in Beeld, about the five world religions. A third book, Wetenschappen in Beeld, hit stores in October 2012 - a hefty yet light-footed comic book about Science. It had its second print run before the month was out.

In August 2012, my first book was published in the United States, with the title Philosophy - a Discovery in Comics, by NBM Publishing.
Margreet de Heer